Remote Night Support

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Starting at $3.00 / hour

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iLink Infrastructure

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Remote Behavioral Support

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Implementation of iLink Technologies into a home setup will differ based on many factors. Every iLink installation is fully customizable to meet your needs. We believe in the power of iLink Technologies to improve staffing challenges and increase margin for service providers. That is why we’ve developed different service options to make iLink accessible for everyone.

iLink Service Add-On:

For an additional one-time cost, we provide you with ready-to-go essential documents for Remote Night Support and Remote Behavioral Support. Save on legal fees or your staff’s time by using iLink’s materials.

Cost: $2,500

How much will this cost?

We’re passionate about transparency and understand the challenges Agencies are facing. You’re used to doing a lot with a little so it’s helpful to have an idea of just what things will cost. Use the estimator below to get a general idea of what an iLink Technologies infrastructure could cost for your agency.

*Keep in mind, due to the highly customizable nature of iLink, costs will differ once we assess your agency’s needs in our Discovery process.

*Note: As an example, a typical first-use case implementation of iLink might be 8-10 group homes; any discounts for economies of scale are not reflected in this estimator.