Supercharge your iLink System

Redefine what’s possible.

In our experience, bolting new technology onto traditional service models will prevent you from maximizing the effectiveness of your iLink system. While iLink offers a technology solution that can operate within traditional service approaches, you have the ability to supercharge the effectiveness of your iLink system by also retooling your service offerings based on what’s possible with next generation technology. This is what we mean when we say iLink can truly revolutionize your Agency.

We understand that pivoting your agency to embrace future models of care can be really overwhelming, so we want to introduce you to iLink’s change partner, GoodLife U.

GoodLife U is a team of experts from GoodLife and The University of Kansas Department of Applied Behavioral Sciences that can help you modernize your traditional service models, staffing approaches, and pay strategies.

Time-Tested Service Strategies

For the last 20 years, GoodLife has worked with talented faculty and doctoral students from the University of Kansas, Department of Applied Behavioral Science (Behavioral Analysts), to build new service models fueled by an integrated infrastructure of smart technologies (provided by iLink Technologies).

GoodLife U helps agencies retool traditional service models in order to improve staffing, explore next-generation service models, and embrace technology solutions.

The results?

Imagine if your agency could…

GoodLife U has helped over 15 organizations across 9 states, potentially impacting over 220 homes and more than 950 individuals served. GoodLife U can help your agency, too.

Here are just a few of the results we’ve seen:

Reduced reliance on part-time positions by

0 %

Raised the hourly DSP wage by an average of

$ 0

Saved more than



in annual payroll costs

Increased DSP capacity to work extra by


in annual payroll costs

Reduced overtime by

0 %

Prior to a full implementation of iLink, we recommend you consider working with GoodLife U to review your programs and systems and explore strategies that will help you get the most out of what any technology solution has to offer.

This work also helps create a better pathway to implement iLink Technology to help agencies rethink traditional services into next generation technology-enabled services. GoodLife’s direct support enhancement strategies are summarized in its Workforce 101 Seminar, video blog series “GoodLife U,” and publications, which are all freely available to all its provider partners on GoodLife’s website.

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