Most Common Questions:

iLink Technologies is made up of iLink Home and iLink Assist. iLink Home is the hardware component of the iLink system, consisting of all the hardware installed into the home setting. iLink Assist is our proprietary software that connects the hardware. iLink Assist is cloud-based and helps filter out customer-defined issues that do or do not require support to limit unnecessary intrusions.

How it works is: iLink’s in-home hardware talks to the iLink Assist software to alert our Remote Support Professionals if there is an issue that requires remote support. Additionally, customers have the option to contact a Remote Support Professional for assistance via their in-home technology. You and your family get to decide what is considered an “issue” and when iLink Assist needs to alert a Remote Support Professional to check-in. 

Absolutely! Every person deserves opportunities for self-direction and choice in their lives. You or your loved one can control how much or how little support is received, when appropriate. What that means is, you’ll work with your iLink representative to determine how your iLink system can be designed to work best for you and your family.

We often field inquiries about privacy: how can technology in my home allow for privacy? We are so glad you asked.‬ We’re passionate about privacy because we know just how important it is. 

iLink’s technology offers a wide range of privacy options, reduces the need for intrusive, in-person care in your home, and can increasingly pinpoint when help is needed in personalized ways. This provides greater independence, privacy, and control–-all of which is not possible with traditional assisted living approaches.

When considering any technology present in someone’s home, security and data protection are of the utmost priority to us. iLink’s in-home smart technologies‭, ‬remote support stations‭, ‬communication technologies‭, ‬and professional support‭ ‬centers are connected by iLink Assist and other security‭ ‬solutions through cloud servers and secure data‭ ‬centers‭. ‬

We have built in multiple redundancies of power, ‬internet, and back-ups so you never have to worry about accessing your system or your data. ‬In addition, all video data is encrypted end-to-end‭. We use a cloud-based system for our camera feeds, which is hosted in highly secure data centers.

There is no data stored on site; all data is streamed straight to the cloud. Our camera feeds have the highest level of protection available to us. 

When iLink is established in your home, we train special staff, called Remote Support Professionals, to monitor the iLink system. Remote Support Professionals are trained to support homes, respond to alerts, and provide virtual assistance. Remote Support Professionals are individuals who are familiar with the person receiving care so they know the right kind of support to provide.

Remote Support Professionals are trained and experienced care providers who personally know each client they support and have access to electronic care plans and client information via an Electronic Health Record (EHR). The Remote Support Professional works at a remote support station and receives/processes alerts as they come in from various homes, views camera feeds on a rotating basis, answers and makes intercom calls, and performs other base station functions. Remote support professionals can: 1) monitor a person’s health and safety; 2) remotely provide individual coaching and support, and; 3) control home automations. 

The cost of iLink depends on your needs. The iLink system is fully customized to your home set up and the level of support you want so the amount of equipment you’ll require may vary. To find out how iLink best fits your needs, contact us for a free consultation.

iLink in-home installations are wirelessly connected and, for the most part, can be installed in only a few hours. Installation times may vary depending on the complexity of your iLink system.